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School of Foreign LanguagesThe teaching of foreign languages in Southeast University (SEU) boasts a long history. As early as 1902, Sanjiang Normal College (predecessor of Southeast University) even in its preparatory stages as an institution of higher learning began to offer the Japanese language course. The College officially opened in 1903, offering up to 17 kinds of courses, two of which were English and Japanese. Then the following years saw the founding of the English Specialized Section (1917), the English Department (1920), the Western Literature Department (1921) and the Foreign Language Department (1987) (predecessor of the Foreign Language School). In 2006, the Foreign Language Department was renamed the School of Foreign Languages. 

The School is comprised of three departments and two learning centers—the Department of English, the Department of Japanese, the Department of College Foreign Language Teaching, Foreign Language Learning Center & Overseas Test Training Centre, with seven university-level research institutes and one research center—Institute of Linguistics & Applied Linguistics, Institute of Foreign & Comparative Literature Studies, Institute of Translation Studies, Institute of Basic Foreign Language Education Studies, Institute of Modern Education Technology Studies, Institute of American Culture & Higher Education, Institute of Japanese Language & Culture,and Research & Developing Centre of Foreign Language Textbooks, all of which serve as a supportive platform for the interaction & integration of teaching & scientific research,talents cultivation and staff training.

In history, there were many scholars and personages teaching in the School. Among those who worked as professors in charge of the School were Wu Mi (Harvard educated), Mei Guangdi (Harvard educated), Lou Guanglai (Harvard educated), Zhang Shiyi (Columbia educated), famous poet Wen Yiduo. In the past hundred years, the School has brought up quite a few internationally prestigious scholars, experts and senior professionals, represented by famous linguist Lv Shuxiang.

Professors of the School hold important social positions such as chairman of Jiangsu College Foreign Languages Teaching & Research Association, vice-chairman of Jiangsu Translation Association, vice-chairman of Jiangsu Sci-Tech Translation Association and vice-chairman of Nanjing Translators’ Association. The School also serves as one of the national foreign language test centres for CET-4 and CET-6 oral examinations, BFT, IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, JLPT and Jiangsu Japanese self-taught examinations.