1st Teaching Assistant Workshop Held at School of Foreign Languages

  The 1st workshop for teaching assistants, initiated to improve the professional skills, enhance exchanges, strengthen the sense of belonging and honor of TAs, and their management as well,  sponsored by the Department of English Teaching for Graduates, was held in the lecture hall of the School of Foreign Languages at 2pm, April 26th. More than 50 participants, including Mr. Ma Qiang, the Secretary of the Party, Prof. Zhu Shanhua, Vice Dean of SFL, all faculty members of the Department of English Teaching for Graduates, and the Chinese and foreign TAs working for this semester, attended this workshop. The workshop was hosted by Xing Guoyuan, from the Department of English Teaching for Graduates.

The workshop started with 4 keynote speeches by “Excellent TAs” on their working experience. Then, the TAs and teachers attended parallel sessions for a 40-minute group discussion on a volunteer teaching plan and the routine work of the TA classes. After heated discussions, the TA representative of each group made a report. At last, the host teacher Xing Guoyuan ended the workshop with a closing speech. 

Keynote Speech

Group Discussion

1st Teaching Assistant Workshop (2017)

After the meeting, Mr. Ma Qiang and Prof. Zhu Shanhua concluded that this workshop was not only an attempt to sharpen the management of TAs, it’s also useful complement to classroom teaching, and plays an important role in promoting the TAs’ work. They hoped this event could be held regularly in the future. Both TAs and teachers present also rendered that this workshop was a golden opportunity to be aware of their own strengths and weaknesses, and to learn from each other, thus laying the basis of better work in the future.

Reporter: Li Li

Translators: Zhang Man & Feng Ting