Dr. Charlie Bankart and Dr. Joe Potts from the University of Kansas Visit SEU

Dr. Charlie Bankart, associate vice provost,and Dr. Joe Potts, assistant vice provost for international programs at the University of Kansas, visited the School of Foreign Languages, Southeast University on April 12, 2017. The two universities had a fruitful discussion on student exchange, teacher training and cooperation in teaching and research. Xu Keqi, deputy director of the International Cooperation Department, Chen Meihua, dean of the School of Foreign Languages, Liu Kehua and Zhu Shanhua, both deputy deans of the School of Foreign Languages, and Hu Yonghui, chair of the English Department, the School of Foreign Languages, attended the meeting. The cooperation between the two universities will start with the undergraduate exchange program, which is expected to provide more opportunities for students to study abroad.

(Reported by Li Chen / Photographed by Ge Wenyin)