Application for 2018 “Postgraduate Student Research and Innovation Projects” Successfully Completed

With the start of 2018 Postgraduate Student Research and Innovation Projects of Jiangsu Province in March, the School of Foreign Languages strongly encouraged first-year MA students and MTI students to apply for the funding of “Scientific Innovation Project ” and “Practice Innovation Project” respectively.

On March 9, the School issued the project application notice, reminding the applicants to contact their supervisors for suggestions and guidance, and advising them to seek the help of their supervisors again for a technical and eligibility review before they formally file an application by the due date of March 23. Of all the applications that have been received, 6 came from MA students specializing in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, 5 from English Literature students, 4 from Translation students, another 5 from students majoring in Japanese, and 11 from MTI students. For the submitted applications, a final review and ranked listing were given before they were sent to the Graduate School of Southeast University.

With the strong support of the School leaders, the active involvement of MA students, and unabated participation of MTI students, the application process was successfully brought to an end. It is the sincere hope of both supervisors and students that postgraduate students will get more funding support in the future and their close cooperation will help to cultivate an active academic atmosphere in the School.

(Reported by Lanxiang Wu)