Lecture by Professor Jin Li —the Debut of Extensive Discussions on Education Thoughts of the School of Foreign Languages, SEU

On the afternoon of April 10th, 2018, invited by the School of Foreign Languages of SEU, Professor Jin Li delivered a lecture entitled “Construction and Development of Foreign Language and Literature Discipline in China” on Jiulonghu Campus. Jin Li is the convener of the foreign language and literature discipline appraisal group of the degree committee of the State Council, chief editor of Foreign Literature as well as a distinguished professor from Beijing Foreign Studies University. More than sixty faculty members of SFL attended the lecture.

The nurturing of top-level talents depends on a first-class discipline, as stressed by Dr. Ma Qiang, therefore Professor Jin Li’s lecture was at the right time when Southeast University just launched university-wide extensive discussions on education thoughts. In her lecture, Professor Jin analyzed the status quo of the foreign language and literature discipline in China in terms of studies on foreign linguistics and applied linguistics, foreign literature, translation, as well as issues concerning nationality and regions. She stressed that the development of the foreign language and literature discipline in China should meet the national strategic demand, that foreign language and literature studies should center on China’s economic, social and cultural development, and that we faculty should not only offer quality courses but determine our own research orientation. At the end of the lecture, Professor Jin had an active communication with teachers in terms of their professional development and the talent nurturing modes. 

After the lecture, Professor Chen Meihua, Dean of SFL, discussed with Professor Jin Li on ideas of discipline construction of SFL based on a report about its present situation. In addition, she expressed new wishes and requirements for the faculty.

(Reported by Dairong Shi)