Lecture by Professor Wang Wenbin

On April 13th, invited by the School of Foreign Languages, Professor Wang Wenbin, professor of linguistics, Beijing Foreign Studies University, delivered 2 lectures on Jiulonghu Campus in SEU, hosted by Professor Li Xiaoxiang and Professor Ma Dongmei, respectively. Professor Chen Meihua, dean of our school, and teachers and postgraduate students attended the lectures.

Professor Wang Wenbin now works as assistant president at Beijing Foreign Studies University and director of National Research Center for Foreign Language Education. He specializes in Cognitive Linguistics; Contrastive Linguistics and Language Education; Syntax; Lexical Semantics.

The morning session titled “differences in the inner linguistic forms between Chinese and English” points out that language is the reflection of a thinking paradigm within a particular nation. It reflects the perception and comprehension of this ethnic group. Looking backwards to the evolution of Chinese and English languages and their inner linguistic forms, Professor Wang found that the two languages, based on different experiences and thinking patterns, have different preferences for linguistic form in terms of time and space. More specifically, while the English prefers time, Chinese adds more emphasis to space.

In the afternoon, Professor Wang generously shared his experience in doing linguistic studies. Suggestions on applying research projects has also been offered, including techniques to fill in the application form as well as how to relate projects to national development.

While the morning lecture inspired both teachers and students present to obtain a deeper understanding about hot topics in linguistics, the afternoon session enlightened researchers in our school on project and funding applications.

Reported by Chen Wenxue