2018 Graduate Students’ Forum Successfully Held

To celebrate the 116th anniversary of Southeast University, and to enhance the academic research capability of the graduate students and to enrich their activities during the period, the School of Foreign Languages held the 2018 Graduate Students’ Forum on March 18, 2018, at the Conference Room of the School of Foreign Languages.

Professor Lanxiang Wu and Associate Professor Bin Tang chaired the forum. Ten graduate students presented their research on topics in such areas as Japanese folklore, translation theory, teaching materials design, second language acquisition and writing, and systemic functional linguistics. For each presentation, the two teachers made detailed comments and offered professional advice for further modification. At the end of the forum, four excellent papers were selected.

As a broad platform of academic communication for graduate students, this forum not only motivates students’ academic passion but also advances their research capability.

(Reported by Longxing Yu & Photographed by Guoxia Jiang)