A Lecture by Dr. Peter I. De Costa from Michigan State University

On May 21, Dr. Peter I. De Costa, assistant professor from the Department of Linguistics, Germanic, Slavic, Asian and African Languages at Michigan State University and co-editor of TESOL Quarterly, delivered an academic lecture entitled Why Schools Matter: An Ecological Approach to Understanding Bilingual and Multilingual Education upon the invitation of the School of Foreign Languages. Professor Ma Dongmei, Deputy Dean of the school, hosted the lecture and faculty and graduate students attended the lecture.

After introducing “the Transdisciplinary Framework for SLA in a Multilingual World”, Dr. De Costa discussed the major theories, core researchers, classical works and the latest research trends in the two research fields-- “Language Policy and Planning” and “Bilingual and Multilingual Education”. He then elaborated on the latest cases of research in language policy and multilingual education in the context of China. Finally, he discussed future research possibilities in these two fields. The lecture enables the faculty and the graduate students to have an overview and a deep understanding of the developments in the two research fields in recent years.

Reported by YANG Maoxia

Photographed by CHEN Xiangyu