The First Open House for Outstanding English-Major Undergraduates

The School of Foreign Languages (SFL) of SEU successfully held the first Open House for outstanding English-Major undergraduates from July 4 to July 5, 2018, drawing a total of 28 students from different universities across the country.

On the afternoon of July 4, led by SFL staff and second-year postgraduate volunteers, this group of undergraduate students visited both the Jiulonghu campus and the Sipailou campus. They also visited the history museum of SEU on Sipailou campus and were amazed at SEU’s history of over a hundred years.

At 8:30 am of July 5, the opening ceremony began with a welcome speech by Dr. Ma Qiang, the party secretary of SFL, at the lecture hall of SFL. With witty remarks, Dr. Ma invited students to come to SEU for further study and encouraged them to seek truth and fulfil the due responsibility of self-improvement and the improvement of society through hard work. Prof. Chen Meihua, Dean of SFL, gave a brief introduction to the university and SFL as well as the academic programs of SFL. Prof. Ma Dongmei, Deputy Dean of SFL, and Prof. Tang Dinghua, deputy party secretary, also introduced the graduate admission, the curriculum as well as employment prospects of SFL graduates.

After a short tea break, Prof. Li Xiaoxiang, Prof. Zhao Jianhong and Prof. Gao Shengbing, the three senior professors from the English Department, jointly gave an academic lecture for students. Second-year postgraduate volunteers and the newly graduated students shared their experience of SFL.

This Open House for outstanding English-Major undergraduates was set up to promote exchanges between excellent undergraduates majoring in English throughout the country, to promote their overall understanding of SFL at SEU, and to provide an exchange platform for those outstanding students who were equipped with a solid academic foundation, the enthusiasm for learning, integrity and competence as well as the determination to seek further study. It turned out a great success, providing a fast and convenient channel for prospective postgraduate students.

Reported by Chen Xiangyu

Photographed by Qu Gang, Zhang Chen