SFL possesses two undergraduate programs: English and Japanese, conferring the Bachelor’s Degree of Arts. There are four Master’s programmes: Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, English Linguistics and Literature, Japanese Linguistics and Literature, and Translation and Interpreting. In addition, the School offers English, Japanese, German, French, Russian and Latin courses to non-language majors of Southeast University. 
The undergraduate program of English provides three sub-disciplines: business English, English language and literature, and English education. About 1000 qualified students have graduated since 1989. 
The undergraduate Japanese program has cultivated hundreds of students with rich knowledge of Japanese, international affairs and business since 1993. 
The Master’s programme of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics covers the following research areas: second language acquisition, ESP, teaching methodology, material development, foreign language testing, pragmatics, sociolinguistics, cognitive linguistics, functional linguistics, discourse linguistics, cross-cultural communication, modern educational technology, etc. Hundreds of students have obtained Master’s degree since 1994. 
The Master’s programme of English Linguistics and Literature covers the following research areas: British and American literature, linguistics, translation and interpretation theories and practice, English education, etc. Over 100 students have obtained Master’s degree since 2004. 
The Master’s programme of Translation and Interpreting is aimed at cultivating talents in English-Chinese translation and interpretation. This programme was established in 2011. 
The Master’s programme of Japanese Literature and Literature covers the following research areas: Japanese linguistics, Japanese literature, and Japanese folk culture. More than 40 students have obtained Master’s degree since 2004.