Li Xiaoxiang


Professor Li Xiaoxiang (Dr.)graduated in Feb. 1982 from Nanjing Institute of Technology ( renamed Southeast University, SEU in 1988 ) with a BA majoring in English education, and a PhD. in history in 2009 from Nanjing University. Working in SEU ever since Feb. 1982, as a TA, a lecturer (in 1986), an associate professor (in 1991), and a professor (in 1996). Received further education four times from 1984 to 2009 in universities home and abroad in the areas of applied linguistics, MBA and history. Main academic interest: Applied Linguistics and English Education, bilingual education, and ELT material development. Published more than 60 academic papers, and chief-edited and compiled more than 50 collegiate English textbooks in Higher Education Press, Beijing Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press and Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press. Awards received: Honor of Special Allowance for Educational Excellency granted by the State Council in 1999, National Excellent Teacher Award by BaoGang Education Foundation in 2003, Jiangsu Excellent Teacher Award in 2007, Honor of National Excellent Teaching Team in 2009, National Excellent Teacher Award in 2011 and National Special Excellent Teacher Award by BaoGang Education Foundation in 2011. Former Dean of the School of Foreign Languages of Southeast University ( 1996-2011), Director of Center for Faculty Development of Southeast University (2012-2017). Chairman of Jiangsu Collegiate Foreign Languages Teaching and Research Association (1996-2019) and Deputy Chairmen (2019-present), Deputy Director of National Advisory Committee on College Foreign Languages Teaching of the State Education Ministry (2006-2018), and Member of College English Test Committee (Band 4 & Band 6) of the State Education Ministry (2004-present).

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