Li Li


Li Li   Ph.D. Associate professor

Department of Graduate English Teaching

School of Foreign Languages, Southeast University

2# Sipailou, Nanjing, Jiangsu, 210096


Research interest: Psycholinguistics, Second Language Acquisition, ESP



A. Education

TESOL training, 2011

Canterbury Christ Church University, UK

Ph. D., 2013

School of Foreign Languages, Nanjing Normal University, China 

M. A., 2005

School of Foreign Languages, Southeast University, China 

B.A., 1999

Department of Foreign Languages, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China 

B. Professional Experience

Visiting Scholar, January, 2014-January, 2015

School of Education, University of Maryland, USA

Associate professor, 2013-present

School of Foreign Languages, Southeast University, China 

Lecturer, 2009-2013

School of Foreign Languages, Southeast University, China 

Assistant professor and lecturer, 1999- 2009

School of Clinical Medicine, Southeast University, China


A. Courses Taught

i. Undergraduate courses:

English for Academic Purposes

English for Medical Purposes (Listening& Speaking)

English for Medical Purposes (Reading)

ii. Graduate courses:

English for Academic Purposes 

English for Medical Purposes (Paper Writing)

B. Advising

Current  7 M.A. candidates


A. Book

2016.Lexical linking patterns in Chinese EFL learners’ mental lexicon. Southeast University Press.

B. Textbooks

2023. Practical English For International Academic Conferences. Nanjing University Press.

2023. 21st Century College English. Fudan University Press.

2020. Academic Writing for Postgraduate Students. Tsinghua University Press.

2018. Experiencing College English. Higher Education Press.

2014. Academic Writing for Postgraduate Students. Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press.

C. Journal papers

Li Li, Ni Chuanbin.2023. Are hotdogs hot dogs? --- Effects of semantic transparency on L2 compound processing. Foreign Language Education. 3:51-57. (CSSCI)

Li Li, Ni Chuanbin.2021. Development of Chinese-English Bilingual Mental Lexicon. Foreign Language Teaching Theory and Practice. 1:16-24. (CSSCI)

Li Li .2012. Seven Pairs of Research Foci of Frequency Effect Models. Foreign Language Education. 2:53-56. (CSSCI)

Li Li, Li Xiaoxiang, Ju Shenghong.2009. An fMRI Study of Neurological Mechanism of Effects of Visual/Auditory Learning Style on Vocabulary Learning Outcomes. Journal of Southeast University. 1:113-119.(CSSCI)

Li Li, Li Xiaoxiang.2006. A Review of fMRI Studies of The Neurological Mechanism of Language. Journal of Southeast University. 3:116-119+128.(CSSCI)


2023 Xu Shanglong Scholarship for SEU Faculty

2022 Qinglan Project Teaching Team, Jiangsu

2021-2023 Supervisor of 20+Provincial and National 1st-3rd Contest Prizes for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

2012 SEU Excellent Teaching, 2nd Prize

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