1. Ideological Education
School of Foreign Languages, Southeast University has been striving to enhance the political consciousness of all our students by educating and guiding them ideologically and politically in a series of forms, such as organizing learning and exchanges among them, recommending and commending those excellent members, and holding theme-based activities, among others. In particular, we have been publicizing and recognizing the outstanding members by electing “the most influential graduate” and “the role model around us” as well as by setting up and printing special issues of the newspapers of our school, our newspaper, for those who are awarded national or the university president’s scholarships, all of which have played a positive role in motivating all our League members to set clear objectives and then work unremittingly to attain them. In addition, our school has been paying close attention to students’ ideological changes while trying to correct anything wrong the moment it arises, so as to help every young students build up correct views of the world and life as well as proper values. We have been giving full play to the role of our League branches and cooperating closely with our CPC Party branches, so as to better construct our League Committee with Party construction, and to exert a subtle positive influence on students by means of those colorful activities.

2. Organization Construction
In recent years, all departments of our school, together with all our classes, have been working hard to strengthen our team construction thoroughly and multi-dimensionally in effort to improve the basic-level organization. The Union of Students of our School has been established so that the student unions of undergraduates and graduates, the Association of Student Journalists, and the Association of Model United Nations are integrated; rules and regulations are also formulated to specify and guide its work.
We have been working for the election and training of student cadres, enhancing their senses of honor and responsibility through the student leader training, tea parties and cadres’ conferences, etc., and providing practice opportunities for them by means of the election of class directors, work and activity organization, among others, so as to improve their ability.

3. Volunteer Service
Our School, devoted to cultivating excellent students who are responsible, grateful and willing to share, has been organizing and encouraging volunteer service, a direct and effective way to that end. This year, we have set up the volunteers’ department under the Union of Students, through which we have been, in collaboration with Nanjing Volunteers’ Union, regularly organizing department members and other students to volunteer in such designated places as the School for the Blind, the Home for the Aged, and metro stations; we have also sent some graduate students for the summer camp carried out in Nanhua County, Chuxiong Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province. Volunteering has also become a major theme for the Day of Youth League Activities as well as for social practice with increasingly regular and colorful activities. For example, our students have volunteered their services in such major events as the anniversaries of the founding of our university, Games for University Students, the 2nd U.S.-China Cities Forum on Economic Cooperation and Asian Youth Games Nanjing 2013, by making full use of their advantages in language particularly, whose work has been fully recognized by relevant sponsors.

4. Studies and Exchanges
We have been providing guidance in our students’ studies in accordance with the requirements of our disciplines, and striving to help this new generation of university students build up the correct view of study. We have been encouraging them to experience different education models by exchanges with other universities both at home and abroad, so as to help them develop effective learning methods and set clear learning objectives. Additionally, we have been providing them with guidance related to their career planning, job hunting, and their plans for further studies either by applying for foreign universities or by taking domestic postgraduate entrance examinations and so on through lectures and exchange meetings. 

5. Recreational Activities
As a school of liberal arts in Southeast University where science and engineering are highlighted, we have managed to inherit and carry forward our traditions by successfully holding many quality cultural activities with our large number of girls and students with various accomplishments and sparkling ideas. Through colorful culture-and-art-related activities, we have been enriching students’ life and shaping their university spirit, helping them gain knowledge, broaden their horizon, cultivate their tastes and improve their attainments.
Our activities are full of variety and characteristic of our School and disciplines, which include the evening party to welcome new students, feasts of dumplings on winter solstice, the Christmas party, the graduation wine party, foreign culture and arts festivals, contests of English dramas, English speeches, translation, foreign cultural knowledge as well as lecture series focusing on overseas life and study. Those activities, serving as a platform for students to give full play to their advantages and improve their abilities, have motivated our students to a great extent, and increased the influence of our School at the same time.
In addition, our students have actively participated in various activities and contests of our university, and have done a good job in the university sports meeting, long-distance race, bicycle race around Jiulonghu Lake, the Sunshine-Partner Athletic Contest and a series of fun sports competitions. Thanks to the all-round planning, publicity and preparation, our activities have become far more influential, attracting a growingly larger number of students. Furthermore, the graduation wine party of 2012 even has become one of media focuses, highly recognized both in on-the-spot interviews and coverage of Modern Express and Jinling Evening News, etc., and in the detailed reporting online in Sina, China News Network and NetEase, among others. 

6. Academic Research and Science & Technology 

To help students develop a strong thirst for knowledge and great assiduity in academic research, our School, on the one hand, has established various platforms for academic exchanges by inviting quite a few domestic and international professors and scholars in relevant disciplines to deliver wonderful lectures, thus keeping students well informed of the latest development of academic research and science & technology, and creating a favorable academic atmosphere for their further reflection and exploration. On the other hand, we have been organizing contests of speech and translation and other academic competitions as well as various academic exchanges and lectures, and encouraging multiple activities for scientific and technological inventions, so as to broaden their horizon and promote the development of their interests. 

7. Service for Life
Our School has been putting students first, helping them to solve problems in daily life while timely learning about their needs and to safeguard their basic rights and interests. Specifically, information in all aspects is updated timely in www. renren.com (a social networking site) and The magazine of our school, both of which have also become the platform where outstanding activities, classes and individuals can display themselves. The office in the dormitory area, which is decorated according to the opinions and suggestions of all our students, is open to all of them on the basis of standard management. Message pads and tips are left in the dormitory area, thus the convenience of communication. The lecture hall in our school is open for our students to prepare for final examinations at the end of the semester when they can find few empty seats in the library or classrooms. By those measures above we hope that every student may live and study in the warm family of our School, and that more and more of them may learn to enjoy, understand and love their life.