Extracurriculum Activity Center For English Language Learning & Practice is affiliated to School of Foreign Languages, and serves as an institute, in collaboration with the administrative departments and other schools, for planning and organizing extracurricular practice activities. English Extracurricular Practice Guidance Center is geared to boosting students' participation in various English-related activities and competitions by offering guidance, assistance and supervision.

I. College English Project &Top Ten Groups Competition 
A change in ELL, involving activities such as research-oriented, problem-solving, task-based ones. It's purpose is to develop students’ communicative skills, cultivate students’ research skills such as project design, data collection and generation, etc., develop and improve students’ analytical skills and project report writing and oral presentational skills, and innovate ELT practices: ELT of life, by life and for life. At the end of the course, ten best groups will be chosen with their presentations videoed as a resource for this program.

II. English-related Contest
1. National English Contest for College Students (NECCS)
This annually held contest, including four levels (A, B, C and D) attracts an increasing number of participants year by year. With their active preparation, a lot of SEU students pass the preliminaries, get into the finals, and some of them eventually get the National Awards.

2. English Speech Contest
This contest is held in April and May each year with a preliminary and a final on campus. Those who win in the final will be qualified to participate in the provincial speech contest.

3. Team of English Speech and Debate 
Every year, a team consisting of ten students, will be established, who may be the English Speech Contest winners, English majors or non-English majors. With intensive training given by professors, this team will be prepared to attend various intercollegiate, provincial and national speech or debate contests.

4. English Skills Contests (Listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating contest)
One or more contests of these will be held every semester for every band of College English course. Bonus points is granted to those who win the first, second and third prize.

III. Academic Lectures for Extracurricular Research
Every term, Chinese or foreign specialists and scholars will be invited to give lectures and communicate with students. Those who attend the lectures will earn extracurricular research credit by writing a research report.

IV. English Salon 
Regularly held ten times each academic year, the English Salon will invite foreign students and English teachers to attend, offering a platform for SEU students to communicate and interact with English native speakers and instructors.